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imagecontentwebYii is component based free open source php web application development framework for developing large scale web application with high performance; it can significantly accelerate the web application development process maximum they can be used as reusability framework, Yii framework used to develop any type of web application framework. web application development() this helps to create good looking websites easy to quick , manage Yii framework that supports web latest application development.
Yii framework has several features they are discussed below
Super fast
Strong code controlling
Fast in framework release
Top technologies
100% OOPS framework

The user management allow you to access the different level of features such as easy to find and analyze the anonymous visitor, authenticated user and moderator, this will enable your site to add more features.

Why Yii Frameworks?
Yii is MVC frameworks being efficient they are rich and clearly documented , The structure and framework are carefully designed for the web application development and services it is rich in web application development programming frameworks and applications. php development company provides you with Yii framework development
Requirements for the Frameworks:
To run the Yii framework web server PHP 5.1.0 required, it is pure object oriented programming (OOP) frameworks. Yii framework used to develop any type of web application framework.
Advantages of Yii:
Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern :
MVC design pattern is the wide technology adopted in the web programming and development
This architecture used to develop user interface and business logics without affecting other part, this Yii is designed with MVC architecture, they represent the communication between model and view
Model – represent the information and business rules
View – contain user interface such as text, form inputs
Automatic code generation :
Yii framework is built with web based code generation tool called Gii.
It supercedes the previous yii shell generation tool which runs on command line
Form input and validation :
Yii simplifies the form input and validation with MVC architecture.
populate the form with existing data or default values.
validate user input, display appropriate error messages and these are stored in persistent storage

Authentication and authorization :
Yii is built in authentication framework which is useful for customize user needs
By using the Yii::app()-> we can check the current user are logged in
By using CWebUser::isGuest we can check the current user are logged out
The user can perform specific operations by calling CWebUser::checkAccess this function
Security :
Cross-site Scripting Prevention :
Yii provide CHtmlPurifirer component for the developers for the HTML purifier
This component capable of removing malicious code and filtered.
Cross-site Request Forgery Prevention :
To prevent the CSRF(cross-site request forgery) GET method request is used to retrieve the data
For the ensure the server the POST method is used

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In the eyes of companies everywhere, social media is quickly becoming a clear online marketing leader. What was once simply a way to connect with old college friends is reaching new heights for both online start-ups and established brick and mortar institutions across the globe.

Part of this move toward social media, though, is the direct result of the shift in consumer behavior over the past several years. It’s rare these days to find an individual who doesn’t read restaurant or hotel reviews online before making a reservation, and with the economic recession, that practice is on the rise. Individuals are no longer willing to take a risk on a company who might not offer them the value they deserve for their money, so sites like Twitter have become the best way to find word-of-mouth style reviews from other customers.

Not Just A Consumer Benefit

While this is clearly helpful to consumers, it’s equally as helpful to companies. By providing an already captive audience, companies can specialize their marketing efforts to specifically reflect the needs of those most likely to purchase their product or services. Marketing was once often a blanket-style approach, but in today’s world, companies can reach their target audience in a matter of seconds, and with specialized content sites on the upswing, more marketing firms and internal public relations departments are willing to take the social media plunge in spite of shrinking budgets.

Stretching Marking Dollars

During any recession, more than a few good ideas get thrown under the bus because each dollar the company makes is expected to go a bit further. Sure concepts like online video and marketing to mobile devices show great promise, but they’re simply too expensive and too unproven for most companies to even consider. Should the economy improve in the near future, it’s likely more exploration is going to be seen. Until then, though, few are willing to risk precious budget funds on something that may or may not work. Social media marketing, however, doesn’t seem to be falling into this typical category.

Despite its relatively young age, it is fast emerging as the number one new choice for companies, and with good reason. Take, for example, the popular Facebook application Status King. The brainchild of a vacationing family, every forty-eight hours, a new status king is crowned, and the crown brings with it a free t-shirt. With the mantra “I want a free t-shirt,” thousands flock to it each day to nominate and vote on the status updates they’ve come across each day. Results like this encourage companies to be the next big application or site the online community begins discussing.

The Internet’s Swiss Army Knife

Companies are quickly finding that marketing isn’t the only way to use a resource like social media, though. Many are turning it into a multi-purpose tool by running customer service campaigns through it as well. While it has yet to replace other customer service methods for most major companies, many see it as an excellent supplement. By adding social media specialists to the staff, many are able to create a solid relationship with customers and clients in a way that simply wasn’t possible online in the past.

The online marketing world of yesterday looks very little like the world of tomorrow. Interaction with your client base is clearly going to be the key to the future of online marketing across the globe.

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NEX Datacentre emerged for the clients to understand NEX Datacentre more clearly. All the achievements of this company are listed in this website.

About NEX Data centre

• NEX is a certified data centre which is a provider of carrier-neutral data centres of premium quality.

• Around the world all the big Business continuity such as IT Operations and other companies runs their operations by relying on their information systems mainly. The company operations can affect a lot or can be stopped if a system becomes unavailable.

• NEX is one among the leading data providers in and around Indonesia. Many organizations rely on NEX’s secure and resilient data centre for a smooth going business by reducing the overall risk factors.

• All the leading news portals of Indonesia, cloud operators, large financial services and many IT service providers uses the NEX Datacentres to run their organization securely.

• They use such kind of data centre as hubs in order to have a secure and reliable connection among each other.

• The reputation of the NEX Datacentre lies in their flexibility, reliability, excellence and transparency in delivering their service to the client organizations.

Reasons for choosing NEX Data centre

• NEX Data centre is really a one among the highly popular data centre providers of Indonesia and it is a certified 3 tier data centre providers.

• This is reliable for your business empowerment as with the ensured datacentre one can concentrate on just expanding his business without getting worried about the datacentre provider services.

• It provides a very good quality of infrastructures and well organized operations. It builds their data centre in the most strategic locations so that they can provide an excellent level of security, resilience and well organized operations with connections to a great extent.

• This centre has their own experts and engineers to assist the clients with their best in all possible ways. Thus it is customer focused and flexible in their service providing aspects.

• In the year 2011 NEX Datacenter achieved ISO 9001 for their quality management.

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Search Engine Optimization is the most important aspect which is like a boon for any enterprise to be visible in the eyes of the world. The campaign for SEO denotes dedicatedly work for any company website so that it can be promoted in all search engines and easily accessible in the vision of the person who searches the services related to the services which a company providing. white hat Seoadopting by various companies in India or other so that ethical SEO services or ethical value can be generate so that can make the best ideal of good and honest work. Here in India, no shortage of Best seo companies, all are efficient, reliable, economical and best service provider. Best the ones need to choose which company he go for and it is very hard to find.

But for SEO it should be necessary to have website. Website designing India presents the creativity of your content that is content, Graphics, images and many more so that the visitor can visits the globally through internet with the help of web browsers and attain the purpose to come on the website. There are plenty of websites which are providing contemporary India with some of the best websites created by us. As well as cities in India like Website development dehradun or some other provides updated with latest technologies assigned in website so that it imparting its business and equal competencies what other competitors uses. The ventures who are ready in the market to compete should think everything that they do in todays highly-connected and competitive age and it should be unique. So the best part is website developers are highly expertise and integrates a range of technologies both in and outside the world. Today all ventures are adopting innovative solutions that will change the way of ventures associate with.

The entire promotional tool when merge together produces the best oriented results for the growth of the business houses. So it is to be concluding that in the competitive arena companies should adopt the facilities of web promotion tools so groom its business. There is no doubt that the emergence of MNCs and other global labels have totally changed the prices of services. The prices of IT services in India have more than doubled in several areas. Due to influence of growing economy, many places have witnessed market prices touching the sky. The boom in the IT market and rising prices of its services in India has reached an all time high. Thus, one can see upcoming techniques everywhere and clients having well versed knowledge about all and they also want to use that in their portfolio.

As at last the package of Web Page design and promotional services institute by Professional designers and experts those who are working in the live projects such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop, DIV, CSS, Flash and other latest technologies using in designing, as well as SEO services. Services which are cheaper in price, and best results are appreciable. Some services takes time to provide boost to the business. It needs hard labor on part of professionals. But its results are meant for long term. One reaps good fruits from this kind of ranking.

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java is a programming language used to create self-contained program called applets. Java applets run within the browser window just like the other multimedia objects youve been working with in this color. you can put a java applet into your page, add parameters, and add some interesting multimedia to your web page. Java and JavaScript are not the same thing. Nor are they really related. Java and JavaScript are not the same thing. Nor are they really related. JavaScript is a scripting language that is used in web page development to set the properties of a web page. java is compiled programming language that is used to develop application. To insert a java applet into your web page, you must have all of the appropriate files for the applet. The number and type of files may vary. You will need to read the documentation for the applet that you are using. Some users have java turned off in their browser, so you should be careful about including information vital to the web page in a java applet. Any Java applet that you intend on using in your web page should come with the instruction on how to set it up. Be sure to read the instructions carefully and enter all the parameters correctly, users still simply see an empty grey box on the page.

To insert applet into a web page

1.Select the applet object from the special panel of the object panel or from the media submenu of the inset menu. This opens the select file dialog box.

2.Navigate the directory containing the java applet files in the select file dialog box. Select the appropriate file stipulated in the applet documentation.

3.Enter all the parameters that are required by the applet documentation by first selecting the parameters button to open the parameters dialog box.

4.Save your web page and preview it in a web browser to make sure that it looks the way you want it.

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E-commerce has become one of the hottest trends in the arena of business today. The popularity of online shopping is increasing day by day. But at the same time, the risks involved in the buying and selling online too are increasing. Even though e-commerce has created a whole new world of buying and selling; still neither the buyers nor the sellers are free from the various risks involved in the online business industry.

First of all, as the scope of e-commerce is global, the products and services are sold all over the world through the internet. So chances are quite high of your coming across various international laws that you may not be aware of. Some countries may prohibit the sale of certain kind of products or may have distinctive business laws. Hence, not being aware of various international laws in this case might hamper your online business operations. Besides, the ignorance regarding the domestic business laws that govern the internet commerce could end up in bringing some unforeseen expenses to you.

Secondly, there is a very high risk of defrauded transactions over the internet. There are many online businesses which take the advantage of distance between customers to wrongfully lure them and sending them wrong products. Also, while making payments through credit cards, customers may have to face various security issues in terms of losing their card information as well as finances. However, it is not only the customers; the online vendors are at equal risk of being defrauded while accepting payments through personal checks or money orders. Hence, it is essential to do a thorough research before finalizing your business transactions online.

There also runs the risk of information in the online business. Online information can be damaged, stolen or released with unauthorized access to a website. Plus, there is also a high risk of several copyright infringements in regard of your online information which can prove to be really damaging.

Equally harmful is the technological risk in terms of your website or web business getting affected due to technical errors. There might be attack from computer viruses which can damage your website to a great extent. There might be some negligent errors or omissions in software design which can cause unauthorized access. Or there might be problems arising due to ISP server clashes.

Besides all these risks, e-commerce also has the disadvantage of lack of personal touch and interaction between buyers and sellers. As online business is done with machines and computers, there is no such thing as personalized customer relationships in it.

Although e-commerce development can certainly prove to be an eminent business prospect for both buyers and sellers; all that is needed is a proper understanding of all its pros and cons so as to avoid the various risks involved.

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