imagecontentwebYii is component based free open source php web application development framework for developing large scale web application with high performance; it can significantly accelerate the web application development process maximum they can be used as reusability framework, Yii framework used to develop any type of web application framework. web application development() this helps to create good looking websites easy to quick , manage Yii framework that supports web latest application development.
Yii framework has several features they are discussed below
Super fast
Strong code controlling
Fast in framework release
Top technologies
100% OOPS framework

The user management allow you to access the different level of features such as easy to find and analyze the anonymous visitor, authenticated user and moderator, this will enable your site to add more features.

Why Yii Frameworks?
Yii is MVC frameworks being efficient they are rich and clearly documented , The structure and framework are carefully designed for the web application development and services it is rich in web application development programming frameworks and applications. php development company provides you with Yii framework development
Requirements for the Frameworks:
To run the Yii framework web server PHP 5.1.0 required, it is pure object oriented programming (OOP) frameworks. Yii framework used to develop any type of web application framework.
Advantages of Yii:
Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern :
MVC design pattern is the wide technology adopted in the web programming and development
This architecture used to develop user interface and business logics without affecting other part, this Yii is designed with MVC architecture, they represent the communication between model and view
Model – represent the information and business rules
View – contain user interface such as text, form inputs
Automatic code generation :
Yii framework is built with web based code generation tool called Gii.
It supercedes the previous yii shell generation tool which runs on command line
Form input and validation :
Yii simplifies the form input and validation with MVC architecture.
populate the form with existing data or default values.
validate user input, display appropriate error messages and these are stored in persistent storage

Authentication and authorization :
Yii is built in authentication framework which is useful for customize user needs
By using the Yii::app()-> we can check the current user are logged in
By using CWebUser::isGuest we can check the current user are logged out
The user can perform specific operations by calling CWebUser::checkAccess this function
Security :
Cross-site Scripting Prevention :
Yii provide CHtmlPurifirer component for the developers for the HTML purifier
This component capable of removing malicious code and filtered.
Cross-site Request Forgery Prevention :
To prevent the CSRF(cross-site request forgery) GET method request is used to retrieve the data
For the ensure the server the POST method is used

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Many people have heard of the Internet. In fact, according to TechPulse360, over one billion people use the Internet each day. With such an extensive number, it is easy to see exactly how the Internet has expanded over the past thirty years. Few people know the history of the Internet. However, it is easy to notice. Each year computers are getting faster and smaller. Each year, the Internet is getting faster and better. Something that started as a government project is now becoming one of the most commonly used things in the world.

The history of the Internet begins in the year 1973, where it was created by a group of people from ARPANET. ARPANET was a government organisation. Vinton Cerf and Bob Kahn led this group. The project was meant to allow other computer networks to connect and communicate with one another.

In 1976, Dr. Robert M. Metcalfe developed the Ethernet. The Ethernet essentially allowed the coaxial cable to move data faster than normal. This was the first step to developing the LAN networks. In addition, it was the first step to making the Internet faster.

1983 marks the time when every single computer that was connected to the Internet had no choice but to use the TCP/IP protocol. Because of this, 1983 was the year when the use NCP protocol ended.

The National Science Foundation began working on the new T1 lines in the 1980s. By the time they were finished in 1988, traffic began to increase. Because of this increase in traffic, the NSF began working on a second update.

In 1990 the non-profit organisation ANS formulated the idea for a T3 line. It was a 45mpbs line and by 1991, all of the NSF websites were using this new network. In addition, ILEC created ADSL, or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. This type of technology allowed its users to surf the web. ADSL later became DSL.

In 1995, the NSF stopped allowing free direct access to the NSF backbone. This period marks the time when people began to pay for web hosting. NSF allowed four companies to have this direct access. These four companies consequently sold access to the server for fifty dollars a year. This cost did not include .gov and .edu domains.

Broadband was introduced in 2000 as a better alternative to dial-up. The beginning of broadband marked the beginning of the Internet, as we know it today. Because of Broadband, users are able to download music and videos. The Internet became at least ten times faster than dial-up. It is also hard to forget the creation of 802.11b, more commonly known as Wi-Fi. Wireless Internet allowed the use of handheld devices and the ability to take the Internet anywhere that you are.
The evolutionary speed of the Internet has taken us to the next level in communication and its still unknown how far we can really go?

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Web development is a term associated in the boarder sense that involves work regarded with formation, development, design, and maintenance of website, to generate more business. As website is the essential part of one’s business be it a starter or one having an established brand. It is very necessary to have one customized webpage that attracts and draws the customer, resulting in the increase of sales. Through the complete web development a seller can interact with the customer directly and can assess the tastes and preferences of its target audience.

Web Development and Types

Web development consist of work like developing, designing, and decorating a web page, content formation and page creation, as it is the thing a customer will look into when he surfs online through the product pages . Therefore website development includes activities like design, development, configuration and also management. However there are mainly two types of web development activities that generally takes place. One is client website development process and another is server website development process.

Client website development – It is generally regarded as the most interactive website development process, as it is the platform where the client comes into open conversation and must have the ease of access with more and more information uploaded here. However these are not that easy to develop and have lots of complexities of its own. This can be done with various computer languages like java script, prototype, etc.

Server Website development – Server website is more than just a web page creation but it involves lot of complexities as well. This is done in various computer languages as well namely PHP, ColdFusion etc. Thus web development at the server side can be as complex as it can be according to the need and preferences of the server.

Web Development as a Profession

As a profession web development plays a very important role in today’s trade and commerce, be it for any product promotion or any professional individual project. Having ones website is very important in terms of social media which is the fastest means of communication and promotion these days. Since the advent of internet and popularity of web, web developing business has taken a new leap with many web development companies in and around Leeds which are growing in stature since then, particularly for those business houses whose transaction and sales are mostly through online and those who are mainly focused towards their online clients. And thus developing web has emerged as one new rewarding profession with the advent in technology.


Web development is one kind of art where the developer has to be concerned with the facts that developing a web involves lots of interdisciplinary job as like that of designing web, content formation, copy writing and editing and also optimized SEO formation. A good web developer also needs to take into consideration about the looks of the content, cost of the entire project and also the benefits it will provide to the clients. There are various individual developers present in the world and also numerous organizations worldwide providing these services.

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In just the past two decades, researchers who study the aging heart and doctors who specialize in the care of the elderly have learned more about keeping the heart and circulatory system healthy than ever before in history. They now know that change in the function and structure of the heart occurs in every person. One vital factor in maintaining good cardiovascular health is to stop blood vessel elasticity loss.

Researchers have discovered, for instance, that blood vessel elasticity depends on the health of the endotheliumthe lining on the inside of the blood vessels.

Once thought to be just a normal part of aging, these changes are now perceived as having the ability to predict future cardiovascular disease even in those who have no signs of heart or circulatory problems.

Why Is Elasticity Important?

The three types of blood vessels in the body are arteries, veins and capillaries. All blood in the body flows through these vessels, but they are not all the same. Both arteries and veins have thick muscle layers that surround them and the aorta has cardiac muscle in the walls, as well.

The aorta is the largest artery and is connected directly to the heart. When blood flows from the heart and is forced into the arteries, they must expand to accept the blood and then contract to squeeze the blood into the veins as the heart relaxes between beats. This means that arteries need to be elastic to keep expanding and contracting.

When the heart relaxes, it is the job of the arteries to maintain blood pressure and keep it moving forward. Arteries maintain the minimum needs of blood pressure. If they did not work, blood pressure would be closer to 120/0 instead of 120/80.

Arteries become smaller further from the heart and branch into capillaries, which are much thinner and web-like. In the capillaries, fresh blood and waste products are exchanged and moved to various parts of the body. Capillaries also send out white blood cells as a defense against invaders.

As they continue through the body, capillaries grow thicker and merge to form veins. Veins move blood back to the heart as it completes its circle through the body, thus getting its name as the circulatory system.

Loss of Blood Vessel Elasticity

All of this means that to keep the blood flowing through the body, blood vessel elasticity is of utmost importance.

As people age, some of the smooth muscle cells in the various blood vessels die, which means those that remain must work harder. A process called angiogenesis that leads to the development or repair of the vessels, slows down with age.

Other changes begin to happen, such as an imbalance of elastin and collagen in the middle of the vessels, making them less elastic and supple. That is why people who continue to have a healthy endotheliuminner blood vessel liningas they age have a reduced risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Even as far back as the 1600s, an English physician, Thomas Sydenham, said a man is only as old as his arteries. The job the heart and blood vessels do each day is nothing short of miraculous.

Every day, about 1800 gallons of blood are pumped through the intricate network that makes up the circulatory system.

Enough blood is pumped through this system in a lifetime to fill over three supertankersor about one million barrels. This is a major feat of perfect timing and it goes unnoticed unless or until a problem arises.

With the changes related to age, though, the cardiovascular system is more prone to diseases such as high blood pressure and atherosclerosisor hardening of the arteries. For people aged sixty-five and older, up to forty percent of all deaths are related to heart problems.

For instance, by age eighty the likelihood of dying from heart failure is increased many times over that same risk at age fifty.

Importance of Healthy Lifestyle

While there is little science can do about what is considered the normal aging process at this time, researchers and scientists hope that in the future they will have the ability to intervene in the aging of the arteries and heart, and slow the process while people are young and healthy. They are working to discover ways to delay or prevent the onset of cardiovascular disease such as stroke, heart disease and its forerunners such as high blood pressure and vessel elasticity loss.

Doctors, researchers and scientists believe that future interventions in the aging process are entirely possible. As they learn more about how the molecules and cells change during age, they come closer to finding a way to slow down the aging process.

Gene therapy is one way they hope to meet this goal, but it will require considerable innovation and effort in the coming years.

In the meantime, however, they have determined that lifestyle can be a major factor in reducing or increasing the risks of cardiovascular disorders. They continue to uncover more evidence that a poor lifestyle that includes a fat, sodium and cholesterol-laden diet, no exercise, and habits such as smoking, contribute to the loss of blood vessel elasticity and thus to circulatory problems.

Even with the changes that the blood vessels and heart undergo with age, including the thickening and stiffening of the arteries, a healthy lifestyle can slow down and help to prevent the progress of these disorders.

Removing some of the known major risk factors can only serve to delay the eventual deterioration of all body systems, and help to increase blood vessel elasticity to improve the circulatory system.

Doing everything that can be done to help the body stay healthy may increase a normal lifespan. An individual can work toward good health by keeping his or her weight down, eating a diet rich in fish, lean protein, nuts, oatmeal, low-fat dairy, fruits and vegetables.

Exercise every day and get enough sleep.

Do not smokeat alland limit alcohol intake. Schedule regular physical check-ups and do not discontinue prescribed medications without discussing it with the doctor.

As science progresses, individuals can make a vast difference by taking steps to do what can be done to keep the body in good health, which in turn, will help to maintain blood vessel elasticity and ward off cardiovascular disease.

In the mean time, do your heart a favor and be sure to supplement your diet with the vitally essential vitamins and minerals that will ensure you have optimal blood vessel, cadiovascular health.

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Third, with my advice you can prevent cardiovascular problems , returning you to vibrant health, and get yourself back to the confidence in knowing you are functioning at 100%, while gaining access to the energy filled vibrant life you deserve. You’ve heard it all before… I get it. But we’ve helped save MILLIONS already, and know all the ‘tricks’ in the book to help you feel better naturally.

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It can be challenging when you try to compare web hosting packages, however, with some some homework, the process can be quite simple. The important criteria when deciding on business web hosting is as follows:





Reliability of web hosting packages

There are many factors involved in the selection of a business web hosting solution but nothing is as important as reliability of the hosting provider. The best hosting providers are those with a strong customer satisfaction record. When selecting small business web hosting provider start by researching providers based on their reputation and user reviews from satisfied customers.

Develop a list of potential web hosts so that you can compare their offerings. Start searching online for user reviews, read reviews from both happy and unhappy customers.

Customer Support

Customer support is another important aspect of a good web host. Try the live chat if it’s available, the customer service number, or email to see how quickly the web host responds. Remember that fast acting support team is very important to small business web hosts.


Shared web hosting solutions are the most popular for small businesses because it’s flexible and comes at the lowest price possible. Shared hosting also provides sufficient space and bandwidth for SME’s.

Small business web hosting usually costs less that $10/month, with many providers giving generous discounts with annual subscriptions/ plans. Web hosting prices are always dropping but this doesn’t choosing the cheapest because cheap can come with problems.

Never compromise on quality, usability, reputation and support for a small fee.


Lastly, make sure you test the user interface of the web host. User friendly control panel from the business web hosts is mission critical to a small business. A difficult to use control panel will make it extremely hard to manage the website and this could cost you business.

Certain businesses and webmasters will find some technical preference an issue. Many people looking for web hosting solutions regard the above factors more important for pro web hosting that will suite their business needs.

Prior to purchasing web hosting solution, it’s prudent to research the top web hosts by carefully researching and comparing the key points mentioned above, do your comparisons based on pricing, support, reliability, and usability. Finding a good small business web hosts that meets website marketing strategy simply requires research.

Marketing strategy for websites are very important for business owners interested in making their ventures successful. A web marketing strategy has to be developed in line with the web development strategy for everything to sync.

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Java Solutions are mostly dependent on a network of frameworks and platforms that are utilized through a set of comprehensive Java tools. These frameworks and tools offer the basic support structure and help in developing strong and robust Java solutions. At Aegis, one of our fortes lie in always thinking of new ways of planning and implementing these diverse array of frameworks and platforms. We can proudly admit our team of excellent developers has always created solutions that make a difference and offer just the kind of application development that our clients are looking for. The various tools that are used in developing different kinds of Java technology applications include popular and handy frameworks such as struts, eclipse, JDBC, J2EE, J2ME etc.

Java is also extensively used to create different kinds of applications for the web including ecommerce, dynamic websites, blog, shopping cart etc. In lot of ways Java is undoubtedly regarded as more robust and reliable than other platforms. A leading outsourced company like Aegis is aware of the true strengths that Java offers and we are always striving to capitalize on its potential completely. Java is undoubtedly vast but the kind of opportunities and flexibility it offers to experiment does give our programmers a lot of room where they can think out-of-the-box and design solutions that are apt for our clients. Aiding them in this process is a number of frameworks that Java is known for and they help in simplifying the process by providing a host of different functions.

There are two particular frameworks that are extremely well known when it comes to developing unique and innovative ecommerce applications and they are Apache OFBiz and Broadleaf Commerce. The Apache Open for Business Project is quite popular as an open source platform that allows automation of enterprise software. It does provide a wide range of functionalities that makes it that much more suitable for creating complex enterprise Java applications. It is an ideal tool to help businesses streamline their processes and add lot of clarity and transparency to their business modules. This particular open source software helps in more ways than one by offering a multitude of interesting features. Some of these features include comprehensive management of product catalog and facilitating the ease of promoting and marketing of business in the right manner. The software also offers complete content management thereby giving control the organization to publish and manage the content accordingly. Besides which it also smoothness the process of customer management, pricing management and data warehousing management. In a nutshell, Apache OFBiz provides all the solutions that an organization would require to manage their various business processes.

Broadleaf Commerce is also yet another ecommerce framework that our developers can customize as per the clients requirements and make it function just the way our clients would like it. It does offer range of functionalities and tools to facilitate business management processes and help them function in a more comprehensive manner. One of the highlights of this particular open source framework is that it can seamlessly integrate with the existing database and any other ecommerce platforms with complete ease. We at Aegis draw on the various strengths of these two open source frameworks and use it to our advantage by customizing and delivering Java solutions that would benefit any organization.

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