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imagecontentwebYii is component based free open source php web application development framework for developing large scale web application with high performance; it can significantly accelerate the web application development process maximum they can be used as reusability framework, Yii framework used to develop any type of web application framework. web application development() this helps to create good looking websites easy to quick , manage Yii framework that supports web latest application development.
Yii framework has several features they are discussed below
Super fast
Strong code controlling
Fast in framework release
Top technologies
100% OOPS framework

The user management allow you to access the different level of features such as easy to find and analyze the anonymous visitor, authenticated user and moderator, this will enable your site to add more features.

Why Yii Frameworks?
Yii is MVC frameworks being efficient they are rich and clearly documented , The structure and framework are carefully designed for the web application development and services it is rich in web application development programming frameworks and applications. php development company provides you with Yii framework development
Requirements for the Frameworks:
To run the Yii framework web server PHP 5.1.0 required, it is pure object oriented programming (OOP) frameworks. Yii framework used to develop any type of web application framework.
Advantages of Yii:
Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern :
MVC design pattern is the wide technology adopted in the web programming and development
This architecture used to develop user interface and business logics without affecting other part, this Yii is designed with MVC architecture, they represent the communication between model and view
Model – represent the information and business rules
View – contain user interface such as text, form inputs
Automatic code generation :
Yii framework is built with web based code generation tool called Gii.
It supercedes the previous yii shell generation tool which runs on command line
Form input and validation :
Yii simplifies the form input and validation with MVC architecture.
populate the form with existing data or default values.
validate user input, display appropriate error messages and these are stored in persistent storage

Authentication and authorization :
Yii is built in authentication framework which is useful for customize user needs
By using the Yii::app()-> we can check the current user are logged in
By using CWebUser::isGuest we can check the current user are logged out
The user can perform specific operations by calling CWebUser::checkAccess this function
Security :
Cross-site Scripting Prevention :
Yii provide CHtmlPurifirer component for the developers for the HTML purifier
This component capable of removing malicious code and filtered.
Cross-site Request Forgery Prevention :
To prevent the CSRF(cross-site request forgery) GET method request is used to retrieve the data
For the ensure the server the POST method is used

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We The Developers a leading PHP Web Development Company in India is fastest growing Website Design Agency across the globe

PHP which stands for Hypertext Preprocessor is an open source scripting language. It is commonly used for Developing Dynamic Websites and Web Applications. A lot of functionalities in the development arena with good system security and functional ease are provided by this robust server side application.

The Web Development Companies in India have surpassed in the field of PHP Website Development. Corporate Companies across the world are outsourcing their PHP Web Development Projects to the highly skilled Indian Php Web Developers so as to get more dynamic features added to their company websites.

The array of PHP Web Development Services provided by PHP Web Development India includes Development of Ecommerce Shopping Carts, Customized Web Development Application, Product Catalogs, Content Management System, ecommerce B2B B2C Web Portals Development, Payment Gateway, iPhone Application Development, Custom Php Application Development, Static and Dynamic Php MySql Websites Designing and Development kind of Website Development Services.

Over the years Web Design Agency India has been continuously improved which has made PHP more interactive and enable to create applications and websites which have been used at a large scale in today’s technological world. PHP is most compatible with HTML and is one of the most preferred languages accepted across the globe for development of Web applications. With demands increasing day by day and number of websites going live, a bit of research is needed to find a company providing best PHP Website Development Solutions.

Outsourcing PHP Projects Development to India is becoming popular because Offshore Web Developers have got an outstanding experience in Custom Web Development, PHP Website Design, PHP Web Programming and Designing. WeTheDevelopers.com is Leading Web Design Agency in India has been providing PHP Website Designing and Web Application Development Services to clients world wide.

Web Design Agency India has become synonym to Web Development Applications as a lot of Web Development Companies in India USA Canada UK Australia Africa Europe have been using PHP and MySql due to its lots of advantages over other web programming languages such as VB.NET, ASP.NET, Java etc.

With a state of the art Global Web Development Center in Saurashtra Capital Rajkot in Gujarat India and a highly qualified and professional Php Web Developers, Php Website Programmers, Php Web Designers team in WeTheDevelopers also known as has fruitfully delivered many Php Web Designing Website Development Projects to Corporate Clients in USA Canada Africa UK Australia Europe and in India as well.

PHP Web Development Costing Part – PHP is open source language, reducing not just the initial investment but also the execution, maintenance and debugging costs involved in the complete website development cycle throughout the Project. Consistency and Performance of PHP Web Development Php MySql Web Development is highly Reliable and effective for any complex Web Development Applications used for corporate companies. Support of PHP Web Development – The open source nature of the technologies language provides easy and cost effective support to Design and Develop Various Customized Web Development Applications. High Security of PHP Website Development – PHP which runs on Apache Web Server which is much healthier and secured as compared to other languages such as ASP.NET, JAVA, VB.NET which runs on IIS.

Talented and expert Web Developers India, enthusiastic website professionals, php website designers, expert PHP Web Development have brought out India in outsourcing PHP development market. Web Design Agency India use PHP MySQL for different types of dynamic web applications in order to modify handy module accessible source code of custom application or modifying as per their client requirements.

Main Benefits of PHP Projects Outsourcing to a Company with experience in PHP Web Development in India are cheaper development cost, lower Web Application Development time to carry multiple mysql databases using least amount of resources.

Thanks & Regards
WeTheDevelopers.com – Php Web Design Website Development Company in India
301-Golden Plaza, Tagore Road, Rajkot Gujarat India
Phone +91 281 662 6667 / +91 98257 65089

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The financial perspectives may just cover the balanced scorecard excel template that covers the financial objectives of the organization can also allow the managers to track the financial success and the shareholder in the value. They can also include this into the customer perspective. When they regard this into the internal process perspective, then they can just cover the internal operational goals and outlines that they can key in the processes that are necessary to deliver the customer objectives.

When they also learn the growth perspective, then they can also check the intangibles that will derive the future success and the other human capital that will organize the information in the needs that they bank on. They can include the skills and the other training as well as the organizational culture that they believe will set the leadership and the other systems and databases.

The balanced scorecard excel format can also regard the strategy maps that are first introduced into the balanced scorecard perspectives that were presented primary in the four-box model that they associate. They can just adapt and create these into the primary use of the improved performance measurement system that they will just organize these into the production of the management dashboard.

The balanced scorecard excel template may just supersede into the strategy map that they know will be the heart of the modern balanced scorecards that they regard to be very important. They can also find these as the relation of the other objectives that will support the other risks that they can highlight and deliver once they find that the performance is right. They may also check the perspectives that will be achieved, depending on the deliverance of the objectives that can be delivered.

The basic creation of interlink can also be used as the objectives depending on the development of the right competencies that they include. The balanced scorecard excel template may just be the internal process perspective may just be the customer perspective that they can gain the market share and the repeat business. When they look into the objectives of the customer perspectives may just gain the market share and the repeat of the business that they might just strategize.

The balanced scorecard excel template may just be delivered when the customers and objectives of the needs that they can lead these into the achievement that they select. When they regard these as the financial objectives and connect these with the financial perspectives, then they know exactly that they can accomplish the reins and then regard these as the internal process that they would have to learn and then objectify it depending on the growth that is quite important.

The balanced scorecard excel format can also accomplish the cause-and-effect logic that pertain to the important elements of the best practice that the companies can truly integrate these into the set and strategic objectives that they have to be quite important depending on the needs that they include. They might also check these to be the important elements that they see appropriately.

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PHP Zend framework is an open source software framework that came into existence in the year 2005. From than it has become the favorite choice among web developers. It is mainly using for creating big portals on real estate, social networking portals. Web designing companies are using it for the development of secure, scalable and dynamic web portals in a very short time of period. This is fastest framework used for different web development solution.

If you are a businessman and want to develop big portals or websites for the enhancement of your business then PHP Zend web development is the right and ultimate solution. There are so many reasons why one should prefer PHP Zend framework for the website or portal development. This framework requires lesser coding in the development of any websites or web portal, which makes development process very easy. With the help of this framework rich hybrid development is possible through inbuilt library. This framework is scalable and its scalability is required for the development of the business. Very low maintenance is required for PHP Zend web development. Rapid web development will save a huge amount of time and that time you can invest with your business.

Its flexible architecture adds charm to its quality that helps to build interactive web application with ease. PHP Zend framework supports the entire database like Oracle, SQLite, and MySQL etc. Whenever it needed more control over application design this framework is the ultimate choice of the developers.

PHP Zend framework is all set for the development of secure, scalable, and dynamic and superflxible web development solution, which will take your business to the new height. You just need to hire developers from good and reputed company, which provides PHP Zend web development.

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There are so many websites on the worldwide web so you need to pick the right website if you wish to be successful in online business. You can begin with a website about: a social, forum, video, subscription service, news, blog, personal, membership, social networking, travel, gambling, wedding, music, or even a community website. To start an online business to generate revenue and be profitable, all depends on your fingertips. Moreover, to “launch a website” you need to have business ideas to implement your plan. Working from home to start an online business is a cheap way to make money on the internet.

How to Launch
How do you launch a website? Find a website with rich and useful information that looks like similar to what you have planned and learn from others who have a website. Finding the right .com, .org, .biz, or .net is the first step to launch a website. You can start an Ecommerce, real estate, photo, or networking website from scratch. Being successful will happen in the process.

Web Page Development
Learn how a website is developed and what should be included in your website design and development from a professional web designer”s perspective for your web page design. Get more information about how to design, web design tips, steps to start internet website, useful information on web design, custom web design, and how technology and web development go together.

Home Based Business
How do “I” start a home based business? Find out what you want and educate yourself about the topic to become a professional businessman. Offer your clients with something that is unique and with reasonable price. Many owners of the business don’t do the required research on their target audience before launching a website or starting a business. Do a serious homework!

How to start your home based business – Do you need an expert web designer? The best advice is to start small and find your way up. If you have to operate from home with an online business…then do just it! Our web development service can help you to achieve your goals. Learn the basics of creating a home based business website – There are many web hosting and web development companies that can help you develop your own website. However, we think it is ideal to identify your target audience and then do research and keyword analysis before designing a website.

Online Business Start-up Costs
Our professional web development services start with a nominal charge for a website design. Business setup and legal service can be a bit more expensive. Please contact us if you have any queries about business website development.

Managing your business will be hard in the initial stage and setting up the payment system will be a difficult part of business integration. You must have thank you pages and confirmation pages on your website. This makes the customer realize that their order is complete. After receiving the money from an order, ensure the order is completed and your customer is happy and satisfied.

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The web has created a new medium for people to speak and trade information. One needs only look at the current state of newspapers to know how big of an impact this development has been. That being said, many people are not aware there can be legal ramifications regarding what they say when posting in forums. Yep, you could get sued.

Forums and boards are a place of free flowing ideas. This is particularly true since people can post using anonymous titles and avatars. Once anonymity is believed to be achieved, any common sense prohibition against saying inflammatory things seems to go by the wayside. This is a mistake. There is little or not anonymity on the web if someone or a company wants to find your true identity. Lets take a look at a common situation.

A debate is taking place on a forum about the merits of some product from Company X. You dont own the product nor have you ever tried it. You have, however, owned another product from the company. It was cheap and didnt perform as you expected. As a result, you post on the board this new product is a piece of junk and of low quality. You pop offline and think nothing else of it.

Two months later you get a notice in the mail. It is from the company with the forum. Company X has sued and the court has ordered the forum to turn over your profile information and your IP address. You have 10 days to appear in court to object or the forum will have to comply. Now you have a big problem.

Posting in a forum does not relieve from the threat of liability. For better or worse, you can still be sued for anything from character assassination to invasion of privacy towell, anything that you can be sued for in the brick and mortar world. Laws in the physical world apply to the virtual world as well.

Ah, but what about anonymity? Well, you leave a trail when you post online. Many people assume that they will be okay as long as they dont put their true name, address and whatever on the forum profile. Wrong. A company will sue the forum for your IP information. It is recorded when you sign up. They will then track backwards to the company controlling said IP and get a court order forcing the company to reveal who has the account.

You are probably thinking this is a lot of work to just find someone who posted something on a board. Youre right. However, many companies now take reputation management seriously. They have lawyers on staff whose sole job is to do this. Whether they bring 5 or 50 actions makes no major difference from a cost perspective. More and more companies will be taking this step as well in the future as they try to protect their reputation.

So, should you not post in forums? Of course not. You need to simply be careful. Truth is a defense to any defamation claim. If you wouldnt say it in public, dont say it on a forum.

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